Saturday, August 5, 2017

Dion Interviews HipHop Artist Vontae

Today We Have Von Tae who is an upcoming hiphop artist.

Dion: Wuddup Von Tae... How are you?

Von Tae: I'm amazing man, thanks for the interview. This is my first time on your site, I appreciate the support. 

Dion: Of Course Man. Your Always welcomed. I'll jump right into it. You have been featured on MTV... How was that experience?

Von Tae: Well I'm a huge fan of MTV, growing up watching TRL and the VMAs was a huge part of my life so to have them recognize me was awesome. 

Dion: That is amazing.. Who influences you in the business?

Von Tae: I'm influenced heavily by entrepreneurs and people who think outside of the norm. Artist wise I'm influenced by Missy, Michael, Usher, Beyoncé, Chris Brown, Kanye, J. Cole, JAY-Z, Diddy. Their passion for music excites me and you can see it in their work.

Dion: Artists I love as well. Have you worked with anybody we may know?

Von Tae: Its pretty early in my career, not many people have reached out to work with me. But I've had conversations with Missy Elliott, Raz B (from B2K), KeKe Palmer and a few other celebrities via Twitter. And T-Boz (from TLC) replied to me and said that I was "pretty good", so that was amazing.

Dion: What are your goals. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years?

Von Tae: I honestly just want to be happy and living a comfortable life. I want to have a huge following/fanbase, touring, making money (definitely not working my current 9-5), maybe have a Grammy or two, I'd love to give back to various charities and start my own helping foster kids and people who are less fortunate. 

Dion: Tell us about your new video. "Friend Zone"

Von Tae: Ah, man Friend Zone has been one of the fan favorites since I released my EP so it's only right I release the video for it. The song talks about being with someone who you're "in love with" but you feel like you're in the friend Zone because things are moving slower than what you're use to. The video is just me walking around my house, singing, going through those emotions of falling for someone. It's a very true story.

Dion: The EP is titled "Young Man Ambition" which I feel we all can relate to trying to grow in this entertainment word? Tell us about the music we can find on it.

Von Tae: Its very straight forward and aggressive but you do have a couple party tracks and emotional songs on their as well. It's all about accepting who you are, standing up to naysayers and staying focused on your dreams and aspirations. So far a couple other fan favorites have been "The Remedy", "Up On It" and my lead single "Hunnit Bandz".

Dion: Thank You Von Tae', we will be watching out for you. Tell fans how they can contact you.

Von Tae: Everything can be found on my website including my EP "Young Man Ambition". 

Dion: Thanks Von! See you soon.

Friend Zone Link:

 Check Out Friend Zone Below:

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