Monday, July 24, 2017

Seth Rogen & Josh Hutcherson perform mock casting in hilarious behind-the-scenes trailer for upcoming series Future Man

Seth Rogen is just doing the thang! The 35-year-old actor, director and writer is continuing to bring the laughs with his new series, Future Man.
Seth is a director and executive producer on the upcoming series, and along with the show's cast, he debuted a hilarious new trailer for the comedy sci-fi series at Comic-Con in San Diego on Saturday.

Giving fans a mock behind-the-scenes insight into the show, the trailer starts with Seth casting possums.
'I think we're going to with this possum,' he says, pointing at one of the animals.

'This possum is looking at me like a d***head. Get rid of it.'
He then goes on to explain a bit about the show's plot line, which stars Josh Hutcherson as a time travelling janitor who is on a mission to save the future.

After stumbling across a bored looking Josh, Seth calls it 'an amazing surprise'. 
'How is that a surprise? You told me to just stand here and wait,' responds the annoyed 24-year-old Hunger Games actor.
'Shut the f*** up. Follow me,' Seth angrily whispers to him as the cameras continue to roll.

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