Friday, July 21, 2017

Dion Interviews Singer Brandon Lamont

Dion: Today I have Brandon In DaStarrLab! Wuddup B. Brandon we are excited about your music. Tell us about your new single "Hydro"

Brandon:  Hydro is my new lead single featuring my homie Tagh (pronounced Tah'j). Hydro is what happens when Chicago meets the West Coast, legit. Its a vibey record with that fresh flossy attitude. Its also for my smokers and my lake shore drivers too. The video was lit shooting it. Funny memories made both days.

Dion: When Is The album coming out and what can we expect?

Brandon:  The EP is called "The Guy You Forgot". It's due this Friday, July 21st. I am very turnt up about it because I truly get to express the sides of me that I don't speak on much. I have grown a lot as an artist since my first run with Inter scope as "Phresh". I think people love my personality so much, they miss or forget my music. So I'm here to remind them.

Dion: Will We See you performing live anywhere?

Brandon:  I am working on my fall tour right now. I like to let things build organically so I didn't rush a promo tour. But this fall, be on alert for "The Forget Me Not Tour". I haven't accepted any shows as of now, but maybe something soon: 

Dion: We also know your an actor who has appeared on Empire, do you have any other projects coming up?

Brandon:  I have a special project in the works right now. Actually 2. One of them is a up close inside lense inside of my art process and my hustle to be recognized. The other is a secret 😎.
Dion: Well We will be ready. How can fans reach you?

Brandon: You can find me @OnlyBrvndon on IG & Twitter. @JustBrvndon on Snap. New Single on ITunes, Tidal, Etc.....NOW.

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