Sunday, July 30, 2017

Dion Interviews Singer & Actress Lokachiran !!

We have the beautiful Lokachiran in the StarrLab Today!! Welcome Loka...

Lokachiran:  Thank you for having me D.

Dion: Yes, Of course. We love you over here. U are an actress and singer from Chicago area? Where are you now? How do you like it?

Lokachiran:  I’m currently in Atlanta and I must say the city is cool.  I usually consider myself a nomad since I have lived in so many places.  I was born in a small town in Illinois, but was raised in Memphis, I’ve lived in Iowa, Chicago for about 5 years and now Atlanta.  Each place has had their own challenges but their perks have been well worth the benefit.  Each place has brought out things in me that I didn’t know where there and I’m so grateful for each experience.

Dion: I know you from working on tv shows like ChicagoMed & ChicagoFire. Now you are releasing your music. How has the process been?  

Lokachiran:  Well I discovered my flair for music and acting at an early age, but it wasn’t until I landed in Chicago and began facing some of those challenges until I found how much I dislike working “regular” jobs and how obtainable it was to actually do things that come natural to me for a living.  

It was people like J. Hill and Pennjamin Bannekar that worked with me to find my lane.  The Entellagent Muzik team just took me under their wing and really worked with me while I was still sensitive to criticism and thinking everything I did was a hit lol

Dion: It's good finding a good team to push you to your limits and hep you get in touch with your talent. Tell us about your single "Fall"?

Lokachiran:  So "Fall" is kind of special because it is the first song I did “in my lane”.   I got the chance to express my lyrics in a relatable way and I did it during a time when I decided to stop being safe and catering to this “good girl” image I felt was expected of me.  I just decided to live and say how I feel, which is super freeing

Dion: I totally feel that. Artists def. have to be them selves. People Will Get It Or Not. Will U Be Performing live? What else are you working on?

Lokachiran:  Well I definitely will be doing some live performances, but at this time I am working with a few music supervisors to get my music placed in movies and tv shows.  There are so many talented people unheard so I am currently creating a platform with my new business to get our voices out.  I am so excited about creating this opportunity.

Dion: Uh-oh u better do that Loka! (Laughs). U are truly right I love how IssaRae and others are showing young artists in their shows, I've had a few friends myself who have had featured songs. All The best to you. How Can People Get In Touch With You ?

Lokachiran:  I am always looking to work with people who want to work, support businesses, etc.  I check  my social media regularly and my name is pretty unique so if you type in Lokachiran anywhere I will pop up. 

Dion: Your right! When I met you I feel in love with your name. It stands out all by its self. 

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Dion: And We Will Be Following !!!

Thank U Lokachiran

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