Tuesday, July 4, 2017

Chloe Green snuggles up to Jeremy Meeks as their Turkish love-in comes to an end, fans turn on him for leaving his wife

Chloe Green sought comfort in Jeremy Meeks as the pair disembarked their luxury yacht in Turkey on Saturday. 

The 26-year-old Topshop heiress was pictured snuggling in to her towering beau, who won notoriety in 2014 with his title of 'world's hottest felon', as they waited to be taken back to their $145,000-a-week yacht in Bodrum, Turkey. 

Their tender embrace was watched over by an entourage which had joined them on their luxury charter for a week of fun in the sun. 

It came as Meeks' wife of eight years, Melissa, broke her social media silence and as his legions of fans turned on him for dumping her.  

On Monday, an intrepid Meeks posted an Instagram photograph from Germany, paying no mind to the scandal engulfing him.   

The 'hot convict'-turned-model was pictured grinning from ear to ear during a jaunt to Germany on Saturday, in a snap posted to his manager's Instagram page. 

The picture was posted just two days after Meeks was caught kissing Green, the daughter of billionaire businessman Sir Philip, on a yacht in Turkey which they are understood to have paid £112,000 a week to hire.

Instagram users responded negatively to Meeks' manager's post in Germany. 

'Shame on you,' one user wrote, an apparent reference to the kissing pictures.  

Meeks' wife of eight years, Melissa, appeared to respond to her husband's alleged infidelity with a sultry Instagram post of her own on Sunday.  

Ignoring the revelation that her husband was cheating on her, Melissa Meeks made a point of not mentioning his adultery and instead opted to caption the picture with two hashtags - Queens are Born in July and It's My Birthday Month.   
Chloe Green has since deleted her Instagram account shortly after posting a picture of her and Meeks together with the caption: 'Just the beginning...We appreciate all the love and the hate.'
Meeks too has edited his account, deleting all photographs of him and Melissa, which has not gone down with the fans who fell in love with his good looks after his California mugshot went viral in 2014.

A family snap of Jeremy and Melissa Meeks with her two children and their own son

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