Monday, June 26, 2017

Dion Interviews Rapper J-Williams

Dion: Today I Got Rapper J-Williams ain DaStarrLab!! Wuddup J?

J-Williams: Sup good to be here.

Dion: So I Know You Been Rapping for a while. How long have you been crafting your music?

J-Williams: Well I've been rapping since I was little but I started to actually record songs 2 years ago.

Dion: Thats pretty cool. Where Are You From? How is the scene down there?

J-Williams: Im from Dayton Ohio.

Dion: Im from Ohio As Well..

J-Williams: Yea!! Its a whole lot that goes on here (Dayton, Oh) but the city is filled with talent.

Dion: U Also have worked with artists such as Mark Battles, SwizZz, and more. U Just released a new single. Tell Us About It.

J-Williams: Yeah I discovered Mark Battles in early 2015 thats when I became a fan then later that year opened for him then we made a song a few months later. I emailed SwizZz around the same time. My new single Tried is the 1st of many this summer it reached over 1000 listens fairly quickly.

Dion: Thats whats up...  Pretty Amazing actually. We def need to be tuned in. Where can peopke check you out?

J-Williams: On Twitter, Instagram & Soundcloud @ jwilliamsrapper . Im also on Google Play, Spotify & Apple Music

Dion: Thanks for coming out and sharing woth us. You Know We Gonna Keep Up With U. Keep Shinin...

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