Monday, May 29, 2017

Usher Raymond Back To Work Hosting A Memorial Day Weekend Party

The 38-year-old Confessions singer hosted a wild Memorial Day Weekend party at Rehab Beach Club in Las Vegas on Sunday, where he was seen grinding up against a buxom woman as they took to the stage.
Wearing nothing but a skimpy green and white printed bikini and a brown patterned bandana tied around her head, the scantily clad mystery woman was spotted dancing with the former teen heartthrob.

The brunette bombshell was all over the singer, draping her arms around him as they danced flirtatiously.  

He wore the purple shirt - which was printed with pink hibiscus flowers - open, and sported a plain white T-shirt underneath.
Bizarrely, he was also seen wearing what appeared to have been a pair of pink hotel slippers.
The Dallas-born star had layered a series of chunky necklaces around his neck.

... Looks lik "UR" had fun

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