Monday, May 15, 2017

American Gods airs most explicit gay sex scene in TV history between two Muslim male characters

Pictures Below Are Graphic....

  • American Gods has been credited for airing the most graphic gay sex scene in network television history on Sunday which featured two Muslim men.
The intense four-minute scene saw actors Mousa Kraish and Omid Abtahi having sex in Abtahi's character's hotel room. 
They were both shown naked, their penises in full view. 
Abhtahi plays Salim, an Omani trinket salesman, and Kraish plays a Jinn, a nameless mythical creature from Arabian and Islamic mythology in the Starz show.
Sunday's episode saw them meet when the Jinn or Ifrit, as his character is also known, picked Salim up in his NYC taxi. 
They retired to Salim's hotel room and where, after having a shower, the Ifrit dropped his towel to reveal a full erection. 
Once in the throes of passion on a hotel bed, the actors bodies were transported by CGI to a mythical world before the audience's eyes.

Fans praised the episode for breaking boundaries, labeling it 'romantic', 'tender', 'arousing' and 'sensual'. 
Television critics including the New York Times's Abraham Riesman have heralded it as the most erotic gay sex scene in network television history. 
Speaking to on Monday, Kraish said he was amazed by the overwhelmingly positive response.
'Following the responses on social media, I am struck by amazement how much the fans are involved with every moment and how they’ve responded to this chapter in AMERICAN GODS in particular.
'How they’ve responded to me and Omid as the Jinn and Salim have been so positive that I’m just happy that I’m doing all the fans justice. It’s quite moving. A great loving fan base for Neil Gaiman and his work.' 

Despite never having filmed a sex scene before, he said he put his faith entirely in the show's creators and his co-star.
'When I found out Omid Abtahi was cast as Salim, that made it so much easier because we’ve been actual friends for the past 10 years. I met Omid when I first moved to Los Angeles from Brooklyn, NY and we clicked as friends and respective artists. Also, we kept running into one another at auditions so he was part of the “brown-actor” community as we would say jokingly.' 
The other soothing factor was his trust in Bryan Fuller, the show's executive producer.
'I remember having a deep conversation with him about the nudity and telling him that I wanted to make sure we were not doing this to be shocking or gratuitous. And he truly walked me through his vision. And when you just put your heart and trust in the hands of a man like that you know it will be beautiful.  

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