Monday, December 12, 2016

Katie Holmes suffers minor wardrobe malfunction with oddly knotted tie as she grabs coffee in West Hollywood

Katie Holmes had a minor wardrobe malfunction on Sunday as she grabbed a hot beverage from Starbucks in West Hollywood.

The 37-year-old had opted for a somewhat idiosyncratic outfit, including a black tie knotted in an odd arrangement that accidentally slipped over her collar. 

A couple of her top buttons were undone, allowing for a glimpse at the glinting pendant she'd tethered about her neck.

Large black butterfly sunglasses were perched on her face, and she'd slicked back her hair severely, wrapping it into a bun.

She'd tucked the shirt into a pair of seemingly airtight and slightly faded zaffre jeans, completing her outfit with a pair of buckled black leather flats.
On Friday, the former Mrs Tom Cruise released the first feature film she's directed, All We Had, based on a 2014 novel by Annie Weatherwax.

Holmes starred in the film as a hard-on-her-luck single mother called Rita Carmichael who's striving to provide a financially secure life for her daughter.

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