Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Charlize Theron cuts a laidback figure at a bar as she films late night scenes for Tully...

Monday actress Charlize Theron demonstrated that a few extra pounds haven't been holding her back as she continued filming scenes in Brooklyn.

The South African stunner, who portrays mother-of-three Marlo in the movie, was seen looking stern and contemplative as she filmed at a bar.

In the bar scene Charlize, 41, wore a dark green lumberjack shirt while knocking back drinks and seeming to listen intently to the bartender.
In the film, her character Marlo is gifted a night nanny named Tully by her brother, and the pair forge a unique bond as the unpredictable and sometimes challenging Tully helps Marlo re-gain control of her life.
During Monday's filming Charlize's character rode a bicycle through the streets of Brooklyn after leaving the bar. 

Charlize slipped a leather jacket over her lumberjack shirt for the bike ride, and was followed by co-star Emily Haines, who plays a barista and acquaintance of Marlo.

Emily's character - who wore a flowing purple jacket - did not appear to speak as she followed Marlo through the streets of New York and at times she looked downcast and sullen, suggesting the pair may have exchanged harsh words earlier in the scene.   

Written by Diablo Cody, Tully also stars The Martian's Mackenzie Davis, who plays the titular character and child minder. 

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