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President Obama & The First Family SPEND Their Labor Day Weekend Attending White House Chef’s Wedding In New York

The First Family is spending their holidway weekend together. And they were spotted making their way to President Obama’s personal chef/longtime friend Sam Kass’ wedding ceremony in New York.

David Letterman and Serena Williams (Tennis Match)

Jeezy - No Tears (Explicit) ft. Future

Iggy Azalea And Rita Ora Nearly Kiss At Made In America Festival 2014 (...

Kanye West's Full Performance at Philly's "Made in America" Festival, Au...

Porsha Williams performs "Flatline"

Porsha Williams performs "Flatline"

Porsha Williams performs "Flatline"

Boris Kodjoe Talks Being A German Actor In The Industry For UPSCALE’s Sept/Oct Issue

Boris Kodjoe and his good looks are gracing the cover of the Sept/Oct issue of UPSCALE magazine. And he’s looking quite scrumptious.

Here are the highlights:
On Hollywood:
“Hollywood puts you in a box and they don’t like you stepping to the left or right of that. I’ve tried as much as I can to just spread my wings when the opportunity arose. And it’s tough, I’m not gonna lie, ‘’cause they don’t let you. You really have to scratch and fight for the chance to show them that you can do it.”
On Being a Regular Guy:
"I could walk around with security guards and make it really weird on everybody and draw a lot of attention. But I like to move around like a regular person.”
On being over people's perceptions:
“If I started worrying about how people perceive me, I would be mad about people not realizing that I couldn’t even speak English when I first came here. People always give so much props to English actors that do an American accent convincingly. I had to learn how to walk and talk and move around so I could be accepted as somebody who plays African-American roles. There’s not one other German actor who has established himself as playing American characters. I’m proud of that. I use it as encouragement to myself that I don’t have to put limitations on where I wanna go.”

Tamar & Trina Braxton, Toya Wright & More PARTY It Up At Black Gay Pride Weekend In Atlanta

Tamar Braxton, Trina Braxton, Toya Wright and Demetria McKinney partied for gay pride down in Atlanta last night. 

Tamar Braxton and Trina Braxton hit up Club Obsessions for a night of fun. Tamar was tapped to perform (at two events) and her sister came out for support. 

Reco Chappele 

Toya Wright 

“RHOA” newcomer Demetria McKinney came 

Tamar then took the stage to perform her hit single “The One”

Comedian Joan Rivers is "resting comfortably" in a New York hospital after apparently suffering cardiac and respiratory arrest

Comedian Joan Rivers is "resting comfortably" in a New York hospital after apparently suffering cardiac and respiratory arrest during a procedure at a medical clinic Thursday. Her daughter, Melissa Rivers, issued a statement on Friday.
"My mother would be so touched by the tributes and prayers that we have received from around the world," she said. "Her condition remains serious but she is receiving the best treatment and care possible. We ask that you continue to keep her in your thoughts as we pray for her recovery."

“Thank you for your continued love and support,” Melissa Rivers said Sunday. “We are keeping our fingers crossed.”
Rivers, 81, stopped breathing during throat surgery at a Manhattan medical clinic Thursday morning, according to the New York Fire Department. She apparently suffered cardiac and respiratory arrest during a procedure.
She was listed in critical condition in New York’s Mount Sinai Hospital, where paramedics took her by ambulance.
Her daughter’s initial statement, made public late Thursday when she arrived at the hospital after a flight from Los Angeles, said her mother was “resting comfortably.”
Her next statement Friday also gave little indication of Rivers’ prognosis.
“Her condition remains serious, but she is receiving the best treatment and care possible. We ask that you continue to keep her in your thoughts as we pray for her recovery.”
Rivers’ was undergoing an apparently minor elective procedure at the clinic, which is about a mile away from the hospital where she was taken.
She had been scheduled to perform her comedy act at the Count Basie Theater in Red Bank, New Jersey, the next night.
Michael Lucas, who was in the audience for Rivers’ show at New York’s Laurie Beechman Theatre on Wednesday night, told CNN that she joked about death.
“She said, ‘You know I’m 81 years old, and I could drop dead at any moment and you would be so lucky because you will have a story to tell your friends for the rest of your life,'” Lucas said. “Then she mimicked people talking about what it was like to see her drop dead on stage.”
Rivers was in fine form, he said. “There was no sign (Wednesday) night that she was declining. Her show was over an hour long and she never stumbled or even paused to catch her breath.”
In 2013, Rivers allowed cameras to record a health scare for her and her daughter’s reality show, “Joan & Melissa: Joan Knows Best?”
Rivers said on the show that doctors found a spot on an X-ray after she had a persistent cough.
“We’re just not going to be sad about this,” Joan Rivers said during the episode. “We’re gonna do jokes and be up until we know. That’s how I deal with things. I’m not just gonna sit around the next couple of days and go crazy.”
Rivers has been open about her health issues. She was diagnosed with osteoporosis in 2002 after a fall down some stairs left her with broken bones, and she became an advocate for screenings for women.
She also admitted to not being as healthy as she could be.
“I try not to be, but I’m a terrible eater,” she said. “I wish I could say I eat super-healthy, but I don’t. I love junk food — it should be its own food group — so I help my bones with supplements and medicine.”

JUST MARRIED: Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade

Gabrielle Union, the bride wore white, the groom wore white, and the female guests were asked to wear white formal attire while the men were requested to wear black tuxes.  But most importantly, The first pic  above of the newly married couple Dwyane Wade & Gabrielle Union has surfaced.  

 Gabrielle Union wore a gown created by Dennis Basso for Kleinfeld, while the handsome groom wore a white DSquared tuxedo with his own Dwyane Wade for The Tie Bar bowtie and a boutonniére from Floral Fix.

E! News obtained the sketch that gives the first full look at what the bride wore.  The strapless ball gown style dress was completed with an oversized bow along the back waistline to accent the backless cut. 

Check out a few people on the guest list making their arrivals: 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Young Jeezy ARRESTED After Police Find Assault Rifle On His Tour Bus

 photo jeez.jpg
Over the weekend, Wiz Khalifa canceled his gig in Chula Vista, Cali after reports about a fatal shooting that occurred backstage at a prior concert, resulting in the death of a 38-year-old man. An investigation was initiated and of course, the authorities decided to search the rappers' tour buses.
Young Jeezy’s tour bus was searched outside of the Verizon Wireless Amphitheater in Irvine, CA last night, in connection of the shooting, which resulted in the “Seen It All” rapper being arrested. According to TMZ, law enforcement officials found an assault rifle they believe belongs to the Atlanta rapper, so he was put in handcuffs and hauled off to jail. In addition to Jeezy’s arrest, members from his entourage were also detained for gun possession.
This caused Jeezy to miss his performance in Irvine the other night and it also marks the second time the rapper has landed in jail this year. Back in January, he was arrested for false imprisonment, battery, and making terrorist-like threats...towards his own son.As of now, he's still in custody and is being held on a $1,000,000 bail.This all comes a week before his upcoming album Seen It All drops September 2nd.
We'll keep you updated...

2014 EMMY Award Red Carpet

 photo f3fe408b4adf571a12256061c56110831855ce12_zpsebd02a7d.png
Halle Berry
 photo 790d7dfd19d7d41f3a6f14cc8d977d9584cb0656_zps48b2814d.png
 photo Bv7n7wMIAAA1f4x_zps604ee6bd.jpg
 photo ie2.jpg
Idris Alba
 photo AngelaBassettArrivals66thAnnualPrimetimedxunNFaCzs3l_zpsde543eb7.jpg
Angela Bassett
 photo AngelaBassettArrivals66thAnnualPrimetimehQ3MsIui-4sl_zpsca568ae3.jpg
 photo AngelaBassettArrivals66thAnnualPrimetimegAyDkCH1OYdl_zps33353372.jpg
 photo Arrivals66thAnnualPrimetimeEmmyAwardsYaAf5gHbzxil_zpse8b633c3.jpg
Octavia Spencer
 photo lav1.jpg
Orange Is The New Black Breakout star Laverne Cox looked gorge on the carpet in all white
 photo lc1.jpg
 photo rs_634x1024-140825173248-634Viola-Davis-Emmy-Awardsjl082514_zps861f3be0.jpg
How To Get Away With Murder & Get On Up: James Brown Star Viola Davis
 photo uzoa.jpg
OITNB star Uzo Aduba aka Crazy Eyes cleabed up really nice in red
 photo uzz2.jpg
 photo uzz3.jpg
 photo 608b287cd7083928_454156172xxxlarge_2x_zpsc871313f.jpg
Kerry Washingston always looking right
 photo rs_634x1024-140825161045-634-kerry-washington-emmyls82514_zps5bd6ca1c.jpg
 photo Bv7FwPEIcAAD2ut_zpsef713332.jpg
 photo DanielleBrooksArrivals66thAnnualPrimetimed2A88ZnFzebl_zps7f877f30.jpg
Orange Is The New Black Actress Danielle Brooks
 photo sam2.jpg
 Orange Is The New Black Actress  Samira Wiley shined in yellow
 photo sam1.jpg
 photo VanessaWilliamsArrivals66thAnnualPrimetimebGFJsf0z8kjl_zpsfbd584cd.jpg
Vanessa Williams Dazzled in Green
 photo Arrivals66thAnnualPrimetimeEmmyAwardsEPCgegUcybFl_zps5d38b4f1.jpg
KeKe Palmer
 photo Arrivals66thAnnualPrimetimeEmmyAwards7ZzfZy6tIkCl_zpsacc1f706.jpg
 photo tp1.jpg
 Mad Men starlet Teyonah Parris

David "Dion" Collier Interviews Pornstar Alex Jones

Dion. I got one bad broth here with me today. He is a making his name in the porn industry and is turning into quit the business man. We have Alex Jones here in DaStarrLab today!

Dion. What's Good Alex!!
Alex. Hey whats up dude
Dion. Tell everybody where you from bro? How is the social scene/culture out there? You hit the clubs up a lot? What are some hot spots?
Alex. I'm from Upland CA....honestly there's not much to do out here & I dont really do the club scene :p 
David "Dion" Collier
Dion. What do you like doing in your spare time? Any Hobbies? 
Alex. I spend a lot of my time smoking weed & going on hikes or random adventures with my gf...we usually end up getting lost, but it makes the whole trip that much more fun lol.

Dion. Lol... That's Funny. Sounds fun though. How did you get into porn? What do you like about it?
Alex. I was first a model doing normal photo shoots, & one day I just decided to do a nude shoot to see how it would look. Apparently people liked my look & I was repeatedly told that I was hung & could make a lot of money doing now here I am lol. 
Dion. How long have you been in the business? How many movies and/or scenes have you done? How long do you think you'll be in the business?
Alex.  I've been in the business for about 2 years now & I've shot about 40-50 scenes....a lot of which are still not out yet for some reason lol. But I'm still going to continue shooting, if I really do start doing well, then I think I might be in the business for a good while.
Dion. We know do a lot of rough talking to these chicks is that how you roll in everyday life? What are your fav. Positions or acts to act out?

Alex. Oh ya, I talk dirty with these chicks....during the scene of course lol. Usually before a scene, I'm just shooting the shit with them, talking about what they're comfortable with & what not. As far as my favorite positions or acts to play out, I love having my woman bent over, one hand around her neck, the other holding her arm behind her back, & being as rough as she can take it lol.
Dion. Do you people recognize you out a lot? Any crazy Groupie stories? 
Alex. Nope. I haven't had anyone recognize me yet....or at least tell me that they recognize me. Because I do get the occasional stare and smile every now & again. 
Dion. What's a typical day with you life? What's your average daily routine?
 Alex. A typical day for me would be waking up around 9am, taking my gf to work, hitting the gym after that, kickin it with friends, smoke a bit, pick my gf up from work, eat, & then smoke again while we watch cartoons or science programs....thats the average day for me lol.
Dion. Sounds Pretty Laid Back. I can Dig It. I'm sure you attract a lot of ladies, do you have any crazy groupie stories?
Alex Jones
Alex. Haha thanks. Fortunately, I dont have any crazy groupies...yet lol but I do have the occasional text or phone call from some random chick sending me naked pics & asking if I'm down to have sex with's kind of cool lol.

Dion.  How is your dating life? Is it hard to date?
Alex. My dating life is perfect :) I've been with my current gf for 3 years & counting. If anything, me doing porn brought us a closer connection between the two of us. 
Dion. If a chick was tryna impress you what would she need to do?
 Alex. I'm not usually one for being impressed, I think everyone is pretty cool in some way....but it'd knock me off my feet if a female came up to me with a fat blunt & a box of Captain Crunch :) I'd be putty in her hands lol. 
Dion. For the ladies.. Do you prefer boxers of briefs?
 Alex. I actually prefer boxer-briefs lol 
Dion. Do you sleep clothed or naked?

Alex. I sleep as a bird haha.
Dion. I know its a great feeling. lol.  What your fav. sex position? Is there something a female can do that turns you on every time?
Alex. I dont know why, but I really enjoy the 69 position. I love to eat pussy & doing that while getting a blowjob, just makes it 10 times better. The one thing that can get me going every time though is if she can deep throat...if she can do that for me, I'll do whatever she wants me to do for her ;) 
Dion. Ass Man or Breast Man? 
Alex.  100% Ass Man
Dion. Me are your goals in this industry? Do you think you'll be on the plate form of winning lots of awards and being at the top like some of the old heads?
Alex. I really dont know if I'll be one of those guys winning a bunch of awards....its weird, it kind of seems like I'm not shooting as much as the other guys I work along side with...but hopefully I'll catch a break & set my career off soon. It'd be nice to win some awards for the work I put in though.
Dion. If you where doing porn what else would you do?
Alex. If I wasnt in porn, I'd probably still be working in the garden department at The Home Depot lol.
Dion. Where can fans purchase your films or merchandise?
Alex. I dont have a site up yet with my work to purchase, but you can always check out for my updates or my personal twitter page @ohshititsalexxx
Dion. Any new projects?
Alex. I do have some shoots coming up that I'm pretty excited about & a few scenes that have yet to be released that I'd like to be sure to keep your eyes peeled for my next scene!! :)

Dion. Alex I'm glad your were able to do this. I will be talking to soon. Stay Up Bro
Alex. Thanks for interviewing me brody

Make Sure your Follow Alex On Twitter: @ohshititsalexx & IG: Alex_Jonesxx