Saturday, July 26, 2014

Tyga Partners With "Crisp" Boxers

Tyga Partners Up With Crisp To Launch His Own Line Of Boxers
Tyga is such a business man. He has a clothing line, a record label, a drink, a line of watches, and a DVD in the porn industry, Tyga can now add another business venture. T-Raww has partnered up with Crisp to launch his own line of boxer shorts. If you wish to cop a pair of the boxers they are now available to order online.
Tyga Partners Up With Crisp To Launch His Own Line Of Boxers
Tyga Partners Up With Crisp To Launch His Own Line Of Boxers
Tyga Partners Up With Crisp To Launch His Own Line Of Boxers
Tyga Partners Up With Crisp To Launch His Own Line Of Boxers
Tyga Partners Up With Crisp To Launch His Own Line Of Boxers
Tyga Partners Up With Crisp To Launch His Own Line Of Boxers

Matt Kemp & Chanel Iman GO CASUAL For GAP Campaign

 photo Fa14_F1_CI_MK_ad3_315149_fn.jpg
LA Dodgers starr Matt Kemp stars in a new fall campaign for Gap Factory Store alongside hot model Chanel Iman. 
 photo Fa14_F1_CI_MK_ad3_315139_fn.jpg
Both Beautiful People where put in different GAP signature pieces.
 photo Fa14_F1_CI_MK_ad3_315234_fn.jpg
 photo FA14_MK_Hero_315506_fn.jpg
 photo FA14_MK_Hero_315483_fn.jpg
 photo Fa14_F1_MK_sweatshirt_314154_fn.jpg
 photo Fa14_MK_Hero_2_316010_fn.jpg
 photo Fa14_F1_group_314510_fn.jpg
 photo Fa14_F1_MK_sweatshirt_314046_fn.jpg
 photo Fa14_F1_CI_MK_ad2_314698_fn.jpg
 photo Fa14_F1_CI_MK_ad2_314683_fn.jpg
 photo Fa14_F1_CI_MK_ad2_314605_fn.jpg
 photo Fa14_MK_Hero_2_316058_fn.jpg
 photo Fa14_MK_Hero_2_316075_fn.jpg
 photo Fa14_F1_CI_patternskirt_315020_fn.jpg
 photo Fa14_F1_CI_MK_ad_314371_fn.jpg
 photo Fa14_F1_CI_MK_ad_314413_fn.jpg
Beautiful Spread! We Love It!!
What Are Your Thoughts?

Keyshia Cole Drops Cover Art For 6th Studio Album

 photo keyshiaponr.pngKeyshia Cole is gearing up for her new album. The She singer says its a little different by the topics that she is singing about than her other efforts. The Album is entitled Point Of No Return. I wonder if its going give us those break up ballads since she is going through some issues with husband, Daniel Gibson.

She is currently promoting records of the album including.... She, Rick James, Should Have Never Given My Heart Away on her Point On No Return Promotional Tour. One thing for certain is that KC works...she stays touring... Work! Her next stop is the Paul Brown stadium in Cleveland Ohio Tonight.

Ashanti Sports New Hair Style

 photo shanti1.png
So Many Celebs have been taking it back to the 1990s with the box braids or poetic justice braids. Ashanti has recently got braided and posted the pics.
Check out her look:
 photo shanti3.png

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Music Video: On Fire By: J Carter | [OGCJM Films]

Coolio Return's To Music

Coolio has been absent from the world of mainstream music for a while, but has dabbled in cookery, appeared on Wife Swap and entered not only the Celebrity Big Brother house, but the Ultimate Big Brother House. But now according to celebrity gossip website TMZ, he is gearing up for a return to the rap world, and will launch his comeback via adult entertainment website PornHub.
Well Keep You Posted When The Video Surfaces.

Check Out The Footage From The Up-Coming Video Below:

EXCLUSIVE: Towanda Braxton & Trina Braxton Sits Down With Wendy Williams

Michelle Williams - Say Yes ft. Beyoncé, Kelly Rowland

Jill Scott, Tika Sumpter, Chadwick Boseman & More Hit The "Get On Up" Premiere In NYC

 photo getonupteaser_zpsa6df8bbd.jpg
Starrs came out to support the James Brown movie Get On Up at the New York premiere.
 photo GetUpNewYorkPremiereArrivals-xvqJe3MXXyl_zpsfa380696.jpg
 Chadwick Boseman, hit the carpet on his big night as his portrayal of James Brown
 photo GetOnUpPremieresinNYCWIv3oGvvLdql_zpsa8e90cd0.jpg
 photo GetOnUpPremieresinNYCE9C1YG6297Ml_zpsb4a288c5.jpg
The Haves and Have Nots star Tika Sumpter
 photo GetUpNewYorkPremiereArrivalshHKh-HvkTr9l_zps38dee775.jpg
 photo GetOnUpPremieresinNYCiiqjqusCz69l_zps86dac648.jpg
Actress, Singer Jill Scott
 photo GetOnUpPremieresinNYCDslmlh5dpRLl_zps8133e8bb.jpg
 photo GetOnUpPremieresinNYCPEto7ps8b32l_zpsda657de6.jpg
 photo GetUpNewYorkPremiereArrivalsLbDUr746XlKl_zps6597391b.jpg
Craig Robinson, who plays Maceo Parker
 photo GetUpNewYorkPremiereArrivalsf3kfIc_b7anl_zps4e514ad6.jpg
True Blood star Nelsan Ellis
 photo GetOnUpPremieresinNYCOPvyrsG27QBl_zps4e302b0b.jpg
Luke James
 photo GetOnUpPremieresinNYCebhL9H44Jmrl_zpsa449f618.jpg
James Brown's second wife Deidre "Deedee" Jenkins and his family
 photo GetOnUpPremieresinNYCcWubOGtg9X3l_zpsd195302d.jpg
 photo GetOnUpPremieresinNYC-LBT5D_52rbl_zps2857c866.jpg
Rev. Al Sharpton

Music: Tiny's What The F@#K You Gon Do?

Lebron James Sends His Neighbors Cupcakes

Lebron James apologized for causing a neighborhood traffic jam buy sending neighbors a box of cupcakes! 
 photo lebronsjdjddd.png
Since announcing his decision to leave Miami and return to Cleveland, reporters and news crews have been camped out LeBron's ritzy neighborhood.  The ensuing interest has created so much traffic.
Lebron sends a card and cupcakes saying:
Dear Friend,
We know things have been hectic in the neighborhood these past few weeks & we are sorry for the chaos. We are so thankful to live in this wonderful community and we are so blessed to have understanding neighbors like you.
As a gesture of our gratitude and appreciation, our family wants to give you something that is very meaningful to us, our foundation’s cupcakes. We hope you enjoy the treat!
Savannah * Lebron * Bronny * Bryce
Inside the box, six of the cupcakes were labeled “Just A Kid From Akron Cherry Cola Cupcake” while the other six were labeled “Home Court Chocolate Chunk Cupcake”.
 photo 544.png
How Nice Of Him..

Naya Rivera Got MARRIED ...

 photo naya-rivera-1-600_zps8f7ba1a3.jpg
Naya Rivera, Big Sean's ex-fiance, is now married, which is a surprise to all of us because we did not know she was dating anyone.
It has only been three months after rapper Big Sean and Naya Rivera ended their engagement she up and married someone else. People magazine this morning posted the picture this morning.
 photo ScreenShot2014-07-23at110413AM_zps64a3e78e.png
After pics surfaced of the "Glee" actress and actor Ryan Dorsey caking it up in Cabo this weekend, Naya's rep confirmed today that the twosome were actually there to get married.

About their Mexican nuptials, the couple told the magazine:
"We feel truly blessed to be joined as husband and wife.  Our special day was fated and everything we could have ever asked for."

Naya... You Messy!

La Toya Jackson Shows First Look At New Music Video "Feels Like Love"

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Interview With Film Star ..... Jimmy D

Dion: I got one of the hottest male porn stars, entrepreneurs, and swaged out dude here with me today....


Dion:  What's Good Jimmy D?
Jimmy: What's up D?
Dion:  Tell everybody where you from bro? How is the social scene/culture out there? You hit the clubs up a lot? What are some hot spots?
Jimmy: You know that good o Houston and it's pretty jumping out here, got some hotspots like Limelight, VLive, toc bar too many hot spots
Dion: Yea its been a minute since I been, but I know Houston keeps it live.. I live the culture down there..
Dion:  How did you get into porn? What do you like about it?
Jimmy: Honestly I just met a producer one day while a while making a delivery. Porn man love meeting new models working with them and pleasuring them
Dion: How long have you been in the business? How many movies and/or scenes have you done? How long do you think you'll be in the business?
Jimmy: Honestly I did so many scenes I lost count but at least 100 it feels like, lol been in the game like 2yrs who knows hopefully a long time

Jimmy D
Dion: That's whats up. You def are making a name for yourself.. I'm sure you'll go far
Dion: We know you do a lot of work with Buddha Bang Productions, how did you start working with them?
Jimmy: Surprising story I met Buddha when I was delivering pizza and idk how but we got on the subject of porn and before you know it I should my first scene
Dion: That's really crazy G. But I guess its like they say you never know when your moment is coming or what someone sees in you..
Dion: Do you people recognize you out a lot?
Jimmy: Honestly not at all
Dion: At least you get a little privacy then.. for now anyway lol
 Dion: What's a typical day with you life? What's your average daily routine?
Jimmy: Got to work bright and early 6-4 hit the gym play some ball and workout then relax
Dion: I'm sure you attract a lot of ladies, do you have any crazy groupie stories?
Jimmy: Lol you would think so! But in still up and coming so hopefully soon I can have some crazy groupie stories
Dion: I hear U will just hang in there. How is your dating life? Is it hard to date?
Jimmy: My dating life is real slow right now don't, I wouldn't say it's hard to date but I definitely been having some problems in that field
Dion: So Ladies Get on it! submit your
If a chick was tryna impress you what would she need to do?
Jimmy: Honestly just be herself, I like girls who outgoing fun to be around and can be playful like myself
Dion: For the ladies.. Do you prefer boxers of briefs?
Jimmy: Boxers of course like to have some freedom in the pants
Dion: Do you sleep clothed or naked?
Jimmy: Nun boy some boxers
Dion: Hell that's me too.. gotta be comfortable. What type of things are u into..  Sneakers, sports, music...? Any hobbies?
Jimmy: Imma jack of all trades so I like it all, like paint balling video games making beats writing songs rapping dancing Wprking out basketball just hanging with them homies
Dion: Is. There something you want to do? Like I want to jet ski or mountain climb one day, be more adventurous. Do you consider yourself that way?
Jimmy: Yessss I would love to sky dive, gotta enjoy life and the little things
Dion: Boy you sound like me. I wanna do it all. What are your goals in this industry? Do you think you'll be on the plate form of winning lots of awards and being at the top like some of the old heads?
Jimmy: Winning awards is great of course hopefully one day I can be one of the legends of the industry
Dion:  I'm sure you will. If you where doing porn what else would you do?
Jimmy: Idk I think porn keeps my life interesting, so without just be a student
Where can fans purchase your films or merchandise?