Thursday, January 16, 2014

Denise Vasi Marries Director Anthony Mandler

Single Ladies star Denise Vasi recently married , Anthony Mandler,  in Santa Ynez, California.  Denise wore a Kleinfeld–exclusive mermaid gown designed by Mark Zunino. At the wedding Jennifer Hudson sang as Denise Vasi walked down the aisle to meet Anthony.
Check The Pictures Below:
 photo 1559671_10152156825372855_1319898132_n.jpg
Denise and Anthony met after she'd been cast to star in Lil' Wayne's How To Love video, which Anthony directed. 
Cash Money scrapped the video and went in another direction, Denise says, “Obviously it was disappointing to have the video not come out, but it was such a blessing. I got something much better.”
 photo denise-vasi-wedding-h.jpg
 photo denise-vasi-wedding-v-17.jpg
 photo denise-vasi-wedding-v-15.jpg
The reception included cigars, cognac and music by a band and DJ D-Nice. On the back of their chairs, the couple paid homage to Jay Z which his saying 99 problems and hers reading ain’t one. “Everyone can easily take themselves, careers and relationships so seriously. I love that he can just be, like, a goofball like me.”
 photo 1551573_10152156825382855_1064206227_n.jpg
 photo 1535396_10152156825447855_716028813_n.jpg
 photo denise-vasi-wedding-v-13.jpg
Looks Very Classy and Elegant.

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