Thursday, December 19, 2013

Peter Thomas Says He Was Tempted To Cheat On Model & Real Housewives Star Cynthia Bailey

Real Housewives Of Atlanta stars model Cynthia Bailey & her husband Peter Thomas, who recently opened up recently about their recent trials and tribulations while dealing with Cynthia's fibroid issues. We saw in a recent episode that Cynthia had some fibroids removed and that her and Peter could not have sex because of it.
Peter got some backlash this season for being slightly cold and not watching his words while at wife Cynthia's bedside before her fibroid tumor surgery. We figured that he never was in that position and that he just did not know how to comfort his wife during that time (But he should know better, u know a young man, but a seasoned man)
The couple sat down with Life & Style Magazine to take about Cynthia's health recent fibroids health crisis that almost led to the coupld going their separate ways. Cynthia said, "We’d be divorced for sure."  Peter agreed with Cynthia saying, “I know we would have been done.  There is absolutely no way we could have survived another year if things hadn’t changed.”
The couple explained that the fibroids, that many women suffer from, caused a sudden downturn in Cynthia's sex drive.  And it was all due to bloating and discomfort from the fibroids.
Cynthia admitted that sometimes they went three months without sex.
At one point, Peter confessed he considered cheating on his wife: “Me and my buddies were planning a trip to Venezuela because nobody knows us there.”
 David "Dion" Collier Thoughts (Your Blog Instructor) :
I think its messed up that they were going to give up that easy. I'm sure couples go through periods all the time of not having sex. I do understand that the dynamics of their relationship had changed, but life changes.  That's messed up, so what if Cynthia gets sick again will Peter bail on her because he can't get a nutt #js) I thought when u get married you take the vow "In sickness and in health"

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